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Print material l Direct mail l promotional materials l Stationary l logo design & Animation l Brochure l Info graphic company reports l product branding and packaging l trade show material


Explainer Videos

Need to train your staff, customers, associates about processes, products and services, applications or
software, skills, and behaviors Custom e-Learning solutions from UVA Studios.


K12- Educational Based Training Program l Production Process Animation l Induction training for department or entire organization l Sales Training l IT Training l Soft skill Training l Telemarketing Legal l Customer Awareness l Ethics and Code of Conduct l Nursing and Healthcare l Airlines l Finance l Corporate- Govt.l Banking



 Channel Packaging ( Ideation, Styleframes, Ident) l Show logo Design and Animation l Show Bumper Animation- Title Montage Show packaging clients l Intro l Aston l Bug l Coming ups l transitions l Baseline l End Credits l Festive Packaging and Animation l Award Packaging and Animation l Show Graphic Promos



Films Promotional Material l Film Logo and Poster l Film Promo Graphics and Elements l Films Title Animation l In-between Scene Animation l Regional Program Titles

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Society engages and learns through the mode of communication. The creation of content thus becomes paramount in the endeavor of companies to reach out to their target audience. The more meaningful the content, the higher the chances of customer acquisition and retention. UVA Studios has been creating content through the medium of design and animation for the use of companies for over 18 years. Based in Mumbai, the mantra of UVA Studios enterprise to create ‘Content that Connects’ and there is no task that is too challenging for them to take on. With a big business dream of moving the hearts and minds of people worldwide, UVA Studios is steadily working towards creating a global footprint with its studio.

Our Company’s name is UVA Studios, and we have been working in the fields of design and animation for more than 18 years. UVA Studios has a team of enthusiastic artists who are united in their vision to provide creative solutions via the medium of design and animation for all industries. We take on even the most daunting of challenges. Some of our work has been utilised for activities ranging from marketing, branding, and creating digital training material for staff and students.

UVA stands for United Visionary Artists with the mission to create ‘Content that Connects’.
Our services consist of pre-production, production, and post-production of design and animation for e-learning, broadcast, films, advertising, and the social media industry.


Branding Video
Logo Design l Films & Entertainment
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